1997 - 1998  Independent Consultant.  Related to Energy and Environmental issues advising Mexican business such as CAT Constructora, Alimentos del Potosi, Zeolite SA, in the use of high technology.


1994 - 1996   Research coordinator in Earth Sciences. Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo, Coordinacion General de Investigacion y Planeacion, Direccion General. Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo.

1.         Establishment of objectives and methodology related to the coordination, integration and auditing of research and development projects and programs at the Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo.

2.         Establishing the methodology for evaluating proposals for institutional projects of research and development, of the Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo.

3.         Establishment of a general plan for actualization and development of human resources.

4.         Establishment of the Institutional Plan for Quality Analysis, Assurance and Control.


1988 - 1993   Research Coordinator (Exploration). Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo. Subdireccion General de Tecnologia de Exploracion y Explotacion.

1.         As advisor in the establishment of the methodology for analysis of fossil molecules   (biomarkers) in studies of generation, migration and biodegradation of hydrocarbons.

2.         As advisor in the establishment of a laboratory for mass spectrometry for the study, identification, correlation and migration of hydrocarbons, utilizing the analysis of stable isotopes of light elements.

3.         Responsible for establishing the Ar-39/Ar-40 method for radiometric dating, in collaboration with the Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares.

4.         Responsible for establishing a new lab for paleomagnetic studies, finished Dec.1992.


1985 - 1988   Scientific Researcher; Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo; Responsible for the K-Ar dating lab (consisting of a VG MM1200B mass spectrometer and a PE 2380 AA), this followed until the end of 1993.


1983 - 1985   Research Scientist; National University of Mexico; Geophysics Institute.  Participation in the acquisition of a spark source mass spectrometer with an additional     thermal ionization source (AEI MS7) and Responsible for the operation of the Mass Spectrometry laboratory.


1974 - 1979   Junior Research Scientist. National University of Mexico (UNAM), Geophysics Institute. I was involved in the installation of the nuclear geophysical and   paleomagnetism labs. The instruments acquired were: magnetometer Princeton Applied Research PAR-SIT, Multi-channel analyzer H.P. (1024 channels) with gamma ray   detectors. Other elements such as de-magnetizators, containers and lead shields of high purity were made at the UNAM.


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