Studies and degrees

Universities and Special Courses


B. Sc.: Physics Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí; Date: 5/9/73

Thesis: Arrastre Viscoso del Manto en la Litósfera (Viscous Drag of The Mantle on The Lithosphere.)


M.Sc.: Geophysics Facultad de Ciencias Universidad Nalcional Autónoma de México.

Thesis: Análisis Instrumental por Activación con Neutrones Aplicado a Rocas y Minerales

(Instrumental Analysis by Neutron Activation applyed to Rocks and Minerals.); Date: 10-1-76


Ph.D.: Physics University of Newcastle upon Type

Thesis: Noble Gas Pattern of Igneous Rocks. Date: 3-VII-82



POSDOCTORATE: Department of Geophysics and Planetary Physics University of Newcastle u/tyne. From 4/1/82 to 3/31/83

SPECIAL COURSES: Mass spectrometry (AEI Instrumentation) The British Council, Ingland 1977

Basic Technics in Radioisotopes & Nuclear instrumentation C.N.E.N. Mexico 1970

Chemical arqueology Instituto de Investigaciones Antropológicas. UNAM 1983

Spectroscopic Methods in Mineralogy. The Mineralogical Society of America U.S.A. 1988

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