Student Research Assistants

One of the great parts of doing research is being able to involve undergraduates the process. 

I have had several students that have been involved in a variety of aspects of this ongoing research.

Paige Bloemer

 2021 Field Research Assistant

Connor Finch


2020, 2021 and 2020 Field Research Assistant

Martina Avendano 


2018 & 2019 Field Assistant Martina Avendano

Aaron Keiffer


2017 Field Assistant Aaron Keiffer and  Timminy Keiffer


Ben Durham

2016  and  2015 Field Assistant Ben Durham

2015 Field Assistants Not pictured Kaleb Hood and Connor Tripp

Craig Koskey

Field Assistant 2012

Danielle Waltz

2011 Field Assistant

Pat Connolly

2010 Field Assistant

Jill Peoples


2006-2007 Field Assistant

Eric Alston

2006 &2007 Field Assistant 

2006 & 2007 DNA Laboratory Assistant

Tameka Smith


2006 DNA Laboratory Assistant

Misty Stromme


2005 Field Assistant

Jamie Kilgore, Marshal Fazio, and several other students who helped construct and install nest boxes as well helping get this project off the ground in several ways.